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Protect our kids


The primary intended function of the Koala Wall is the prevention of climbing the bleachers while bleacher systems are in the retracted position.  Installation of the Koala Wall completely eliminates access to the staircase, which eliminates climbing.  Reducing the likelihood that students will make this risky decision is our primary goal.

Hiding or Storing Objects/Contraband

The area that is open and accessible under the bleacher seats while the bleachers are retracted is also completely closed.  Placing or hiding objects in this location is completely eliminated by using the Koala Wall.

Collisions or Abrasions with Exposed Brackets or Handrails

The brackets used to hold handrails, autorotating handrails, and edges of seats and stairs are all dangerous objects.  Falling or running into these aspects of the bleachers results in almost certain injury.  By covering these objects with a smooth continuous surface such as the Koala Wall, enhances safety for students.

Protect your investment

In addition to the safety enhancements provided by our product you are also protecting your equipment from excessive damage and prolonging the life of your investment.  Telescopic bleacher systems are not designed to be climbed on or sat on while not in the fully engaged position.  Utilizing the Koala Wall could potentially enhance the life of your bleacher investment.

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